Scotch Eggs with a twist!

Gur beck country foods came about like many businesses by chance. John an ex serviceman and then professional driver always liked good honest food.

He ended up supporting his wife who, at the time of writing had been running kimsnorfolkkitchen cookery school for over 6 years. During that time John had learnt how to make handmade chocolates and improved his general cooking knowledge and skill. Meeting the people who came on cookery courses and doing some farmers markets with his “chocolates by John” he noticed that locally in Norfolk no one was selling a range of scotch eggs and that whenever he spoke to anyone they would invariably respond with “I love a good scotch egg”

Off to the farmers market again and the scotch eggs sold well even on occasion picking up pre orders from locals. During the development of the scotch eggs and general cookery school trading we found a large number of amazing local suppliers in North Norfolk supplying excellent produce.

The decision was made to start Gur Beck Country Foods with an emphasis on local and green. The meat is from a local butcher supplied by local farmers. We make our own seasoning and do our own meat mincing. The eggs are all free range from Norfolk. The bread crumb is homemade. Gur Beck country foods is a Deli supplies with an emphasis on the scotch eggs. We have also taken the Scotch egg out and served them hot as an event food and supplied larger numbers to events.

So we have done the work to find and produce these excellent products so you don’t have to. Come and see us we will be happy to see you and advise you on what might suit your tastes, or maybe we can excite you with something new as we do like to play with flavours on occasions.

One final thing. All our scotch eggs are gluten free but still full of flavour.



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