From Spain to Norwich Market

It all started at the school gates in Frigiliana, Spain...This is where Nick and Hugo met while dropping off their children and both their families became long term friends! They both quickly realised they had a passion for all things food and drink, Nick a fully trained chef from Norwich and Hugo the landlord of several bars in London.

Anyway, after things didn’t quite work out in Spain for their respected families they both ended up back in the U.K. living in Norwich. After many cups of coffee, beers, chats and meetings Churros & Chorizo was born opening its doors last July on Norwich Market.

Ingredients from the deli side of the business end up in their dishes, while also using the fantastic seasonal local produce that is available in Norfolk. The menu changes daily with several stalwarts, and it is suggested that you keep an eye on their social media pages as to what’s on! Many of the dishes are literally ‘old family recipes’ Natalie, Nicks wife, grew up in Spain and her Auntie married into a Spanish family - they are still there today!

Along with market where there is now an area to sit and enjoy the delicous food, they also have an event side to the business giving a Spanish twist to a good old fashioned English burger van. Again there is no compromise on the quality Pork & Chorizo Burgers made to their own recipe from a local butcher, fantastic bread from a local award winning bakery and accompaniments from a local company Chilli83 to spice things up amongst other things!

Churros and Chorizo