New Booja-Booja Ice Cream Mini Pot Launches This Organic September

Booja-Booja is launching one of its most popular dairy free ice cream flavours in a single-serving mini pot this Organic September.

The much-loved free from Chocolate Salted Caramel Dairy Free Ice Cream has been available in 500ml take-home tubs since its launch in 2016, but from September 2019, consumers can enjoy this irresistible ice cream ‘on the go’.
Made with only 5 organic ingredients, and containing no refined sugar, additives nor preservatives, this delicious chocolate ice cream flavour won a prestigious Gold Award in the ‘Puddings and Desserts’ category at the 2018 Free From Food Awards and is part of an innovative ice cream range that has been crowned best dairy free ice cream for two years in a row by Vegfest.

Louise Collins, Booja-Booja Marketing Coordinator says:

“We’re very excited about launching Chocolate Salted Caramel in a mini pot. Booja-Booja ice cream lovers have long clamoured for an ‘eat now’ size in Chocolate Salted Caramel. Now all six deliciously creamy Booja-Booja dairy free, gluten & soya free ice creams can be bought in 110ml impulse buy pots. This deliciously rich, chocolate caramel ice cream, shwoozled with salted caramel chocolate sauce, has proven immensely popular and we’re delighted to be making it more widely available. We look forward to seeing the mini pots for sale in our existing independent stockists in time for Organic September. These little pots are also perfect for cafes, theatres and cinemas; anywhere people want to enjoy a delicious dairy free and organic treat.”

Organic September is Britain’s largest celebration of all things organic. Led by The Soil Association, the UK’s organic certification body, the month-long campaign champions organic producers and highlights the availability of organic products. It also encourages people to find out about the benefits of organic farming for the environment and the world at large. This Organic September the Soil Association is highlighting how small changes can make a big difference; making it the perfect time for Booja-Booja to launch its latest small tub of delicious, dairy free, organic ice cream.