From Peas to Flour a great Norfolk success

novofarina is a new British grown and produced award winning gluten-free, taste-neutral pea flour and bread crumb. Nutritious, high in protein and fibre, the ingredients range offers healthy, clean-label and multi-functional ingredient options, especially for those producing for the gluten free, free-from, vegetarian and vegan sectors.

Made from selected British peas, grown and produced exclusively in East Anglia, Novo Farina manages the whole process from farm to pack. Our ingredients are naturally gluten-free and high in protein, dietary fibre and essential minerals, and very low in fat, making them nutritionally superior to many of the widely used gluten free flours, whilst meeting the demand of the health-conscious. As well as being suitable for coeliac and vegan diets, free from major allergens and totally clean label with no additives, novofarina ingredients also boast a low glycaemic index (GI) which means a slow release of carbohydrate and potentially helping the management of blood glucose.

Novo Farina flours, for example, are taste neutral and light in colour and so ideal for breads, pizza, cakes and batter mixes for Yorkshire puddings. Our batter mix system ensures excellent adhesion and an attractive golden, crispy finished product appearance; suitable for meat, fish and vegetables.

Made From novofarina yellow pea flour, Novo Farina has recently developed a light and crispy crumb for coating, filling and binding applications which can be provided in a range of textures. Due to its natural golden colour, a unique delicate crispy texture, our crumb is ideal for coating a wide range of products including meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables and can be used in conjunction with novofarina pre-dusts and batter mixes.

Novo Farina’s award winning ingredients provide a range of protein fortification and recipe enrichment benefits for food developers and consumers across a range of gluten free and non-gluten free recipes and will soon be launching retail packs of flour and crumb, to be available locally and online.

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