Tofurei's Vegan Christmas Roast

Tofurei have developed a roast as a replacement to the traditional Christmas roast, and it proved so popular we asked for the recipe!

Tofurei’s Christmas Roast

As East Anglia’s only tofu producers - and the only ones anywhere using UK grown soya beans - our team delights in experimenting with new tastes and flavours. Tofu is a really versatile food that is a great palette against which to be creative, but unfortunately the soggy stuff encased in plastic you buy from the shops isn’t best suited for this so we have developed our own. This is produced fresh twice a week and as well as selling it from the shop, we use it for everything from a cheesecake to a quiche, not forgetting our soysage rolls and pasties.


Last year we used it to develop a roast as a replacement to the traditional Christmas roast and it proved so popular we struggled to make enough. Many customers also added our soysages or bought our soysage mixes to ‘pimp’ their own stuffing and accoutrements. So much of the traditional roast meal is already vegan - even Bisto Original gravy contains no animal products - or can be readily adapted by substituting plant based ‘milks’, ‘cream’ or other ingredients, a vegan roast means you can easily cater for all at your Christmas meal whilst still providing a sumptuous spread.

Our roasting joint weighs 500g, comfortably feeds 4, and like the meat alternatives can be just as nice cold cut with pickle or cranberry sauce on Boxing Day.  Its already available from our Pottergate shop, but if you want to try to make one yourself there are a few options:


Hints and Tips for making your own tofu roasting joint:

Option 1 - DIY

This can be made in advance, frozen and cooked from frozen or made and cooked fresh. Ingredient quantities are approximate - and do experiment with your own variations! Most ingredients are gluten free and you can swap out others with gluten free alternatives, if desired.


The following will make a completed joint of approx 750g, enough for 6 people.

Step 1 - basic mix

400 g extra firm tofu (e.g . Tofurei’s ‘chork’)

40g bread crumbs

40g plain flour

40g nutritional yeast

40ml oil (sunflower, rape) or 50g Extra virgin coconut oil

10ml balsamic vinegar

Combine ingredients in a mixer and divide into two, keeping one half in the mixer and reserving half.


Step 2 - Flavour 1 - Cranberry and chestnut

To half the mix add the following ingredients and combine:

50g Chestnut puree

50g whole chestnuts (crushed)

50g chopped cranberries

Add salt to taste


Step 3 - Flavour 2 - Savoury

To the other half of the mix add the following ingredients and combine:

1 finely diced medium onion

1 crushed or fine diced clove of garlic

1 stick of celery finely diced

1 vegetable stock cube

5g mixed herbs

4g black pepper

Add salt to taste


Step 4 - combining into a roast

Roll each flavour into equally sized rectangles roughly 1cm thick.

Place one on top of the other (we usually put cranberry and chestnut as the top so it forms the filling) and roll together into a Swiss roll like tube



Brush with oil and wrap in foil. Place on a baking tray in a pre-heated oven

From chilled: Approx 1 hour at 180°c in a pre-heated fan oven

From frozen: Approx 1hour 40min at 180°c in a pre-heated fan oven

After cooking, for best results allow to stand for an hour before cutting.

Whist warm the roast will be softer than meat roasts and firms as it cools.


Option 2 - Semi-DIY

For contrasting flavours you can follow Step 1, leaving out the breadcrumbs. For Step 2 and 3 you can replace the ingredients listed with contrasting stuffing mixes N.B. if catering for vegans, check the ingredients to make sure that there are no animal products listed (including honey). Be especially careful to check no milk or whey has been added to the mixes.


Option 3 - Quick method

Tofurei sell our tofu soysage mixes in 250g packs, these usually need to be pre-ordered. A Cumberland style mix and a cranberry and chestnut style are regularly produced. With two contrasting flavours ready made, start at Step 4.

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