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Meet one of our newest members, Judi-mae Alderton, from Mae Day Marketing.

Norwich Marketing Firm Created to Revolutionise Business Promotion

Previous head of marketing for Woodforde’s and Lacons Breweries and digital expert at Anglian Home Improvements for years, Judi-mae Alderton decided this year to set up her own consultancy business. After years of corporate employment, reshuffles and plenty of redundancies, she wanted the security of owning her own destiny.

So, Mae Day Marketing was born, and it’s different. It promises clients a full review of their existing direction before game changing strategic, tailored advice is given. The objective is to gain immersion into a business, its mindset and its customers, before creatively producing a plan which promises brand growth, greater consumer understanding and engagement, plus a whole load of exciting communications activity. Mae Day Marketing will then manage that ongoing strategy, constantly pumping new energy into it each month, so that business owners can focus on their important list of ever-changing demands.

A collaborative mindset approach ensures that whatever you sell, whoever you want to reach – your business ethos is at the heart of every suggestion made and every direction taken. Mae Day Marketing gets people - the inner motivations and psychologies which drive their behaviour, the irrationalities and the insecurities. Working with a business, Mae Day Marketing will be a consultant, a leader, an advisor, a psychologist, an analyst, a hard worker and without a doubt, a fine communications expert.

Mae Day Marketing can support business growth in a whole raft of ways, from creating an entire marketing plan to building a new website. With 15 years of experience working in marketing departments for large businesses, the pressure of constant optimisation has given Judi-mae an edge; she has the persistent urge to question the ways in which things are done, the itch to improve, the strong desire to continually learn and always strive for the best result. Mae Day Marketing can review your existing website and provide you with copious amounts of feedback on its propensity to impress its users, its ability to convert to sale, its structure and content’s ability to see it ranking in the search engines. It can also build you a brand new one.Your public relations (PR) activity can be critiqued, or even created, and all channels reviewed or set up for a blindingly successful approach going forwards. Social media management is so important yet it can often be a minefield and energy sap for companies, and Mae Day Marketing has the experience and energy to support you with that.

Judi-mae studied a degree in business and IT at the University of East Anglia, graduating in 2004 and going straight into a marketing assistant role at a local stainless steel manufacturing firm. With her personal background in computing and a fascination for psychology and digital technology, she quickly made some tweaks and increased online sales by 80%, utilising her creativity and implementing a range of targeted mailings to further increase direct sales by 35%. Judi-mae has always pushed the boundaries, introducing businesses to new technologies and managing away any concerns about the unknown. She won an award for the best use of social media back in 2009 when the technology was just being picked up by businesses, and she was interviewed by a marketing magazine in 2010 about website conversion rate optimisation when it was a relatively unknown, tiny part of the marketing mix. She believes strongly in herself, her knowledge of the ways of the business world and her ability to make a difference.

Mae Day was born because Judi-mae wants to help businesses grow – and knows she can do it. Contact her today:

You can read more about Judi-mae’s career history and experience on the Mae Day Marketing website:

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