Dive deep into Blackshore Stout

Get 12 bottles for just £17.99 now

Get 12 bottles for just £17.99 now

Selecting Blackshore Stout is an easy win. It’s dark, but light; refreshing, but cosy and is well suited to a host of occasions or foods.

Blackshore is a smooth, easy-drinking stout, named after the black-tarred fishing huts that line Southwold's harbour. Individual, characterful and made of sturdy stuff.

It is brewed with a hefty mash bill for a rich, broad malt character. Deep breath… You’ll find Pale Ale, Brown, Double Roasted Crystal and Chocolate malts, alongside Roasted Barley as well as oats. This generous gesture with the grains adds a real depth that the brewing team are particularly proud of.

Brimming with coffee and chocolate flavours, alongside hints of liquorice and dark fruits, it’s tasty but mellow on the finish. The oats add a smoothness and this, coupled with a light hop character, make it easy drinking and exceptionally moreish.

Delicious with oysters, crab or battered halloumi fries. The mild bitterness of Blackshore counters the lemon juice, acidity and saltiness superbly. It also works deliciously well with dark chocolate pudding for dessert.

Shope Adnams Blackshore Stout