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Three exciting new coffees to try!

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Nicaragua - Pacamara Collaborative Apple Microlot - Washed


SCA Cup Score: 87.5 What does this mean?
Tasting Notes: Apple. peach. honey
Processing: Washed
Additional Notes: A direct trade offering that not only tastes fabulous it also helps to improve the lives of the people of Nicaragua.

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China - Lafu - Washed


SCA Cup Score: 85 What does this mean?
Tasting Notes: Grape, maple syrup, citrus
Processing: Washed
Additional Notes: This is the first coffee from China we have ever offered. Chinese coffee growers have traditionally focussed on production volume but are increasingly looking at the Speciality market as quality has vastly improved over the past few years. This cup reminds us of a great Central American offering.

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Myanmar - A Lel Chaung - Natural


SCA Cup Score: 85 What does this mean?
Tasting Notes: Red berries, fig, wine
Processing: Natural
Additional Notes: Imported through our friends at IndoChina coffee this is another first time origin for us. We have started with a bang though.

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