Pre order limited edition Halloween doughnuts from The Handmade Doughnut Company

Halloween Special Selection Box of Six

This special box of autumnal doughnuts is the perfect treat for Halloween.

Freshly made and delivered to your door.

Flavours are:

  • The Spider: Vanilla cream filling topped with a biscuit spider created from Oreos and Mikado chocolate sticks
  • Apple Monster: Cinnamon apple filling, topped with caramal icing
  • The Pumpkin: Plain cream filling topped with icing
  • Cyclops Sprinkles: Filled with Nutella and topped with milk chocolate icing, gummy eye and sprinkles
  • The Mummy: Caramel filling finished with thick white icing drizzle
  • The Scary Boo: Filled with strawberry Jam and opped with icing and halloween gummy.

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