Getting ready to reopen on 12 April?

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Reopening Norfolk Safely - A Guide for Businesses

Norfolk County Council and the Norfolk Resilience Forum have put together a toolkit for businesses to support reopening after lockdown.

The toolkit is a comprehensive guide for all businesses reopening from 12 April across the Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality and Retail sectors. The guide can also be used by other businesses who would like information and guidance to help them reopen and operate their business safely.

In February 2021, the UK government set out its roadmap for easing of lockdown restrictions. The easing is a gradual process, and although dates are mentioned (as earliest dates), the next step in the process will only happen if the numbers of key factors such as infections and vaccinations are demonstrating that it is ok to do so.

Although the exit from lockdown has now begun, we need to proceed with caution. Coronavirus will be in our community for some time to come, meaning that outbreaks can, and will, occur.

Developments over the past few months, particularly rapid testing and the roll out of the vaccination programme, mean that we now have more strategies to manage Covid whilst re-opening our economy.

Customer confidence will be a key aspect of re-opening the economy. Seeing businesses take customer safety and concerns seriously could be a deciding factor in whether a customer chooses you or someone else. This guide will give you information on key measures which you can take to look after your staff and customers. No single approach is a ‘silver bullet’ in managing coronavirus / Covid-19 – each are important and when taken as a collective approach, will be more effective.

Getting the balance between providing a service, generating income and ensuring Covid-secure measures are in place and adhered to is not easy. Some of the changes are likely to be beneficial and you may like them to stay; for the ones that are more difficult and restrictive, remember that they are not forever, and if they help your business to stay open then they’re probably worth it.

Thanks Norfolk County Council and the Norfolk Resilience Forum for the resources.

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