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Telling your brand & business stories with professional photography.

Hello, I’m Vicky, a brand & business photographer living in the Norfolk countryside, East Anglia.

With lifestyle photography roots and a generous ladleful of commercial & social media experience, I work with small business owners and social media accounts for all their photography needs helping them express their unique personality, message, products and service in photos that totally represent them, their business and their brand.

Corporate & Life Experience
I also draw inspiration from my own experience and understanding with the wearing of many hats and corporate clogs required for life in family business along with 8 years of professional photography.

I take great joy in truly delighting you with fresh, contemporary photos that become part of your business conversation whilst seeing you grow as loyal customers connect with you even more and new ones jump for joy to have found you.

A shaggy dog story of business life…
Growing up in a family with generations of business owners, those little flashes of childhood entrepreneur seemed pretty normal; selling my arty crafts at school, turning the school ‘Holy Shop’ into a Tuck Shop to fund school ‘discos’ and swings in the playground – ground-breaking stuff in a convent school back then.

After Uni, travel adventures and the choppy waters of graduate corporate life, my homing pigeon instincts to fly and work for myself were just too strong. I knew deep down everything work-wise that I truly loved to do was anchored in a small business world, a creative compass that was well and truly set from childhood to navigate me ‘home’. Since then, I’ve always had my own small business as well as in recent years a family business with my husband.

The combination of photography and working with small business owners…well, it’s my sweet spot. It combines the best of my skills and experience to serve the small and mighty business owners whose life I know and understand: small businesses, local businesses, the independent high street, the micro-businesses, the family businesses, the start-ups, the come-backs, the creators, the bakers, the candlestick makers….all those soul-driven businesses who bring so much to the community they work in and deserve the photos they need to speak volumes about them…

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