Poppyland Brewery Awarded at International London Beer Competition


Congratulations to Poppyland Brewery who have been awarded a Silver Award for their Sweet Chestnut Ale at the recent International London Beer Competition.

Poppyland Brewery occupies a small section of what was Allen’s Garage in West Street Cromer. The brewery was set up in 2012 by Martin Warren with the aim of producing small batches of top-quality beer using unusual processes and ingredients to produce “different and interesting” beers.

Beer drinkers appreciate quality and they welcome something that’s rare and out of the ordinary. Beer can be bought cheaply in the supermarkets, but it is not always memorable. Poppyland beers are strong, flavoursome and have an impact.

It is beer that’s based in north Norfolk, using barley grown and malted in locally, plus ingredients sometimes locally foraged but not excluding anything from anywhere in the world.

Martin retired at the end of 2018 and I took over the brewery from the beginning of 2019. We have continued to follow the philosophy that has worked so well and the strapline ‘Adventures in beer start here…’ is as relevant in 2020 as it was from the outset of the brewery.

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