Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil - how is it made?

In 2011, Crush Foods started with their signature Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. So, how is it made? Well...

First, we harvest its vibrant yellow flowers & separate the seeds from the rest of the plant.

The seeds are TINY (2mm in diameter to be exact!), but each one is extremely important as that's where all the oil is!

Rather than mixing different types of rapeseed together (that taste very different!), we're dedicated to using a single variety of seed for consistency. We then clean the seed to remove all the leftover bits & pieces (which involves lots of shaking, air and noise).

Once clean, the seed is gravity fed into a cold seed screw press, which grinds up the seed to release the oil. (Can you believe we're still using the same seed press as when we started!).

The by-product (we call it rapemeal) then goes off for animal feed and biofuel. So none is wasted!

*Admission time... Before I started working here I thought rapeseed was 'crushed' like grapes!*

Although cold-pressing is a much slower process than making refined oils (adding chemicals and heat to get the oil out), we prefer cold-pressing our seed at a temperature of below 40°C instead to keep in all the natural goodness & flavour!

To guarantee the purity of our oil, we then triple filter it (YES, that’s right…T R I P L E filter!) to remove any leftover sediment. This gives us the lightest, brightest, clearest oil possible, which we then pop in a bottle for you!

  • Half the sat fat of Olive Oil
  • Grown & bottled in Britain
  • High in Omega-3
  • A good source of Vitamin E
  • High burn point great for high-temp cooking (frying, baking, roasting)

We love adding a bit of colour to your cooking, so we then infuse our classic Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil with lots of exciting flavours like Garlic, Lemongrass, Ginger & Chilli, as well as turning it into our vibrant range of Dressings. Our Granola range is even baked in it!

We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our Rapeseed Oil!

Thanks for liking it so much 

Available in 500ml Bottles, and 2.5L & 5L refill Tins


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