Next up on #MeetThePNMember is O Street Deli

O Street Deli is a celebration of local artisan produce with a distinct twist, celebrating our partnership with Olivet in France.

O Street has been born from a love of local produce and the unique culture of village life, of which Norfolk bears so many similarities to its French counterparts.

Norfolk is a County, full of local artisan producers, that create wonderful products of provenance that we want to share, France is known for its culture of food and wine too good not to share.

O Street combines the two.

We invite you to join us, at O Street, situated in the beautiful market town of Fakenham - twinned with Olivet in France.

We are small as we are local, so please book to guarantee your space, particularly in the early evening - although we will always guarantee you a warm drink and a smile to take away.

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