Next up on #MeetThePNMember is The Norfolk Spirit Company

A family run Norfolk based spirit company.

Ok - before we start, we have a confession… our first love was Gin. But shhh, don’t tell anyone because as we all know, whilst your first love is out of this world and stays with you forever. It is actually what sets you up for true love!

And here is how that true love story began. In the summer 2017, Ben Crisp (founder and official head rum taster) had for many years claimed that he didn’t like rum, was given a taste of a truly remarkable rum which tasted like no rum that he had tried before. Thinking he had made a mistake with his choice of spirit for many years, Ben went on to try and sample many more Rums to start a new collection to compliment his growing gin cabinet.

However, he soon discovered that this was a one off, although there were some ‘nice’ rums, none could match the rum he experienced that night. After a very tipsy investigating, he was surprised by how few rums are actually made in England, with the majority having the base rum imported from the Caribbean and then having flavours added. A gap in the market was discovered to compliment his new passion, and Norfolk Rum was born.

So he set off on his adventure, with a number of goals. To create a unique rum that is rooted in Norfolk, using its unique offerings to flavour the superior base rum. A rum that doesn’t burn when drunk, just a feeling of warmth, and finally a drink that could convert anyone who claims they don’t like rum, just as it did with him on that night in 2017.

While the country is in lockdown, we are offering a 10% discount and free delivery on all orders. Just add the code LOVERUM at checkout.

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