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Norfolk specialist grower reviving the medlar

Autumn in Norfolk. The air is moistening and a fine mist floats on the paddocks. We’re approaching the time of the medlar harvest. The sun, now a late bloom, has browned and textured their skins through the summer. Soon they will be laid out to soften, the last bounty before leaf fall, their hearts rich with the savours of ripe fruit and sweet wood.

The Medlar preserves are made with fruit grown in Norfolk, increasingly at Eastgate. Medlar jelly is delicious served with game and other meats, hot or cold. A spoonful enriches sauces and may also be served as a condiment. It’s lovely with soft cheeses. Our fruit cheese is a preserve of set medlar fruit puree, which is especially well suited to hard and soft cheeses. Some people enjoy it spread on hot toast. These are available in 100g jars. The gift box contains a 65g jar of each and tasting notes.

"Each year I make 500 jars of limited edition spicy medlar chutney. It’s fragrant with fresh ginger, garlic and chilli. It’s delicious with cheese, cold meat and curry. It’s awesome in a cheese toastie."

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