What is a Pet Nat?

Pet who? Pet Nats are a super exciting sub-category of sparkling wine.

It’s made by starting a still wine, then you stall the ferment halfway through,by dropping the temperature, so the yeasts go dormant. Bottle that bad boy up and raise the temperature to bring the yeasts back alive and kicking and hey presto - they create CO2 directly in the bottle. Ok, so that’s in its basic form, but what you’re left with is a sparkling wine.

Expect it to be a little cloudy with some bits, but those bits can only be good because that will help your juice form a delicious texture and flavour. So there you have it, a very simplistic explanation to a very skilled craft.

CH Wine Merchants now have the Westwell Wines Ortega Pet Nat back in stock.

"We’ve been waiting for this bad boy for ages and here it is. We can confirm, it looks as good as it tastes."


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