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Cocktails with benefits and mindful brands


Memories of Piña Coladas on the beach, Espresso Martini’s on a Friday night, or frozen margaritas…..mmmm, frozen margarita.

Yep, it’s safe to say we all love a cocktail. The thing is, we’ve had enough of those sugar hangovers that seem to go hand-in-hand with our favourite drinks. Why is that?
Well, because your average Espresso Martini contains more sugar in it than Coco-Cola, that’s why. Just the odd one here or there is fine, but let’s be honest, when do you ever just have one Espresso Martini in a bar! Before you know it, you’ve consumed enough sugar to fill a truck, and the next day you’re wondering why you feel so awful.

Before starting Mindful Mixology, our founder, Danni, looked for products on the market that had clear labeling, that were lower in sugar, and that tasted good….and guess what? There weren’t any.

And so…Mindful Mixology was born!

  • Mindful in that everything is recyclable or compostable.
  • Mindful in that we donate money from each box to charity.
  • Mindful in that we support local brands.
  • And mindful in the fact that we have cocktails that are better for you than the norm.

Our hand-crafted cocktails are made, bottled, and distributed in North Norfolk.

We searched high and low for sugar alternatives that can be used in cocktails, that don’t alter the flavour over time and that can be bottled. We’re not going to lie…it was hard.

We tried many ingredients and hundreds of recipes before settling on our final products.

All of our cocktails are made with either significantly less or with zero sugar.

We’ve also tried to use ingredients that can be deemed beneficial to human physiology, such as Ashwagandha which is in our Alcohol-Free Grapefruit Martini, or at least better for you than refined sugar, such as the Coconut blossom used in our Salted Coconut Espresso Martini.

Now, don’t get us wrong.

We aren’t saying it’s healthy to drink alcohol! We know too much alcohol can be very bad for you. It's just that we like a treat now and then, and we think other people do too.

We also think it's good to use quality ingredients.

It's even better if those ingredients are expertly blended to create a range of unique and delicious cocktails that will blow your mind and indulge your senses.

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