Next up on #MeetThePNMember is Cocoa Luxe

Handmade chocolate truffles created fresh to order.

Cocoa Luxe is based in West Norfolk, offering luxury, handmade, fine Belgian chocolate truffles, sumptuous bakes and indulgent cheesecakes, all made fresh to order.

We have been making our signature truffles for over 15 years, we started out by gifting them to friends and family. Each year the demand for our truffles grew bigger and in 2020, Cocoa Luxe was founded. We use only high quality fairtrade, fine Belgian chocolate in all of our truffles. Balanced with a wide variety of classic and contemporary flavours, our journey as a luxury chocolate truffle company in Norfolk began.

Following the launch of our luxury truffles, we soon became inundated with requests to extend our product range and now offer indulgent bakes, cheesecakes and celebration cakes. We have since created, a varied selection of indulgent treats to meet our customer demand.

From truffles to brownies, cheesecakes to cheese straws and now our wonderful celebration cakes, Cocoa Luxe has all your treats covered, whether it’s for a celebration of any kind a gift for loved ones or a little self indulgent treat.

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