Adnams: Discovering our pioneering spirit

Footprints in the sand, not on the planet.

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment wherever we can. With almost 150 years of heritage behind us, we want to help create a sustainable future for the generations of people in front of us. By pouring the pioneering spirit of the sea into all we do, we’re committed to finding new ways to support the planet and community we’re part of. Here’s a taster of how.

We first started buying UK-based, zero-carbon energy back in 2012. Five years later, we made the switch to a 100% certified renewable electricity supply. This powers our entire business, from our brewery to our offices. We’re still searching for other innovative energy solutions that protect our natural resources.
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Our home on the coast makes us acutely aware of the changes to the world’s climate and even more passionate about conserving water. Our green-roofed, sustainable distribution centre helps us to reuse rainwater, saving over 1 million litres each year. We also reduce water use in our brewery and distillery through our closed-loop recovery system. It retains water, converts steam and transfers heat across our vessels.
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