Advent Calendars by Saffire Artisan Chocolates

Only 89 days to go until you can officially open your first door!

Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar

Pre-order now and get them in time for December. Will be posted out last week in November for the freshest Truffles

24 handmade chocolates by Saffire

2021 has been a rough year for everyone, lets make Christmas 2021 worth all the pain and struggle. Everyone likes counting down to the big day, why not spoil yourself and your loved ones with one of our LUXURY ADVENT CALENDAR.

This year we have 3 options available for the design of the Advent Calendar box; we have a classy black and gold, as well as the classic Christmasy snow scene and a brand new red reindeer.

We also have options available for the truffles to go inside, a mixture of everything we have, which includes nuts and alcohol. We have a no nut option where we will not put in any nut truffles. An Alcohol Free option which is great for youngsters or people that don’t like alcohol in their chocolates. Also have an all fruit option, this will include anything that isn’t nut or alcohol, this will include things like Strawberry, Raspberry and Lavender.



Available to pre-order now