Next up on #MeetThePNSponsor is Creative Sponge

Through real insight and compelling ideas, Creative Sponge create marketing campaigns and identities that spark conversation and deliver conversion.

Creative Sponge is a full service marketing agency. We offer advertising, branding, marketing, design and digital services - the full works! We are driven by the unstoppable power of fresh ideas and we LOVE being based in Norwich city centre.

We work for a huge variety of clients, including Jarrold Training, News, AST, Premier Education Group, Whitlingham Adventure, Holt Hall, Banham Zoo, Africa Alive, Pumpkin Tree Organics, M+A Partners and Anglian Water.

You get the idea, we work with a diverse range of clients in both the B2B and B2C arenas. Our team is driven by the proposition 'we create great'. It's our ambition to work with clients to create great relationships, create ideas and great work. We like to think of it as a virtuous circle; better understanding = great ideas = great work.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to work with your brand, give us a call or drop us a line!

Since 2004, we’ve been helping businesses create highly effective marketing campaigns and brand identities. Our formula for success is simple – hire the best people, create a fantastic culture, generate amazing results.

We put the consumer at the heart of our process. Whether defining brand purpose, initiating a campaign, or launching a new website our work is designed to create maximum impact and conversation.

We are proud to support Proudly Norfolk.

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